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Self Take Stick 

We all know that being mobile and leaving the kitchen sink in the kitchen is a significant edge. This is the exact motivation behind the STS.


  • Our famous Xcavator point ensures the STS can be driven in virtually any ground and will be safer than any tripod. 

  • Spirit Level guarantees your camera is perfectly level every time, no need for swivel head adapters.

  • Ground markers on outer and height markers on inner provides precision height setting for your camera every single time.

  • Far quicker to set up and frame then any tripod due to height markers. Simply record your perfect settings after you have used the STS for the first time then repeat.

  • Removeable 316 S/ST Camera adaptor. 

  • The inner section has a standard 3/8” thread so can be used as an Xcavator bankstick.

  • All the STS components store inside each other for ultimate compact product.


                                                  * Dimensions *

Ground mark one to camera (Closed) - 33.5CM

Ground mark one to camera - (Fully extended) - 71.5CM

Don’t let scaling down compromise your catch of a lifetime, get on the STS.

RRP: £64.99