Zero 290 Pod - 316 Stainless

Zero 290 Pod - 316 Stainless


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The Zero 290 Pod under went years of development, It has attracted interest from across the globe fishing all manners of lakes. Whether you are fishing a big 400 acre plus 'in-land sea' or a small lake here in the UK, this pod can be set to suit you. The versatility is shown in the images provided and it can be set up dependant on situation. Here is a brief rundown on the pod and the various features that stand out on first impressions, as well as an indepth look at the functionalitiy of this incredible pod.

The Zero290 pod is incredibly versatile, it isnt just for fishing with your tips in the air, it can be used as a standard pod all the same. The main pod body folds away with legs still attached, the buzzbars are detached with our unique quick release system, remove the uprights and that's it. This pod can be set up in seconds as a very compact small water pod to supporting 4 13ft rods almost vertically on a continental inland sea and every combination in-between! This is achieved without having to buy any additional long legs or middle bars.

The pod is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless and choice exotic materials in high stress areas. Once the desired position is set and the legs and arms are locked off with the special integrated locking key, the stability needs to be witnessed to be believed.

All four legs can be set at precise positions thanks to angular scales etched into the CNC machined cross bars, allowing for precise positioning and your favoured set up to be duplicated every time. Extensive use of JAG's unique 3 point contact clamping system adds to the rigidness of the pod.

The clever leg tilting system allows the pod to fold up without having to remove the legs which saves precious time. The integrated locking key is used to tighten all the hexagon clamping screws and doubles as a tommy bar to securely tighten all 4 legs.

The pod gets its incredible height from the triple adjusting front legs and the long adjustable main bar, this is locked off with double thumb screws ensuring no movement here. The four uprights on the pod attach to buzz bars of your choice via a quick locking mechanism, whether they are 2, 3 or 4 rod bars. An anchor pin and caribiner are another feature if you wanted to increase security.

Even though this is one of the largest pods on the market, it packs down into a compact, very neat camo bag which houses  everything including buzzbars and alarms.


** Buzz Bars NOT included - Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery - All Zero 290pods are assembled here in the UK to order** 

Complete Kit (Minus Buzzbars)
Weight - 5.45kg
Storage Size - 6.5in(H) x 26in(L) x 3in(D) The pod is stored away in a neat DPM Carry Bag. 
Price - £499.99