• Super Compact Adjustable Buzz Bar - 316 Stainless

    The two/three rod Super Compacts are now available in the flagship 316 range. Fully extended, they are the perfect ‘tight’ width for fishing three rods with big pit reels.
    They are ideal for fishing with two rods when closed. Features include our unique no-loss thumb screws, no-loss large diameter extending arms and built in Ultra-LOC caps for alarm alignment. The arms incorporate a machined flat that locks totally solid even when fully extended.

    The 316 range is hand built in England and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The 316 range of rod supports is without doubt the finest we have ever made.
     A neat new addition to the 316 Adjustable bars is the incriments on the arms. To make it easier to get the bars even on both sides, this bar makes your life a lot easier! 
    Rear 6.125in (154mm) extending to 10in (251mm)
    Weight 238g

    Front 6.375in (160mm) extending to 10.5in (263mm)
    Weight 240g

      Buzz Bar
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