Prolite Black Adjustable Buzz Bars

Prolite Black Adjustable Buzz Bars


As with the ever expanding range of Black items, these bars are hard anodised, meaning the coating doesnt flake or chip. The bars feature our new "no-loss" locking lever as per our other adjustable items which makes losing a lever a thing of the past. You may also notice, on the arms of the buzz bars, there are small incriments. The incriments make sure that you get an even splay on both sides of the bar. That is one for the tackle tarts or if you like everything to look attractive when set up! 

These bars still accomodate the use of the 2BA and MAG indicator adaptors meaning that you don't necessarily have to use a hockey stick. Another popular way that they can be used is set up as a snag bar, this can be done with the use of our "Snag Converter Kit".


2 Rod Front - 4.75" to 7.50" 

2 Rod Rear - 4.25" to 6.25" 

3 Rod Front - 9.25" to 16.25" 

3 Rod Rear - 8.25" to 14.25"