JAG Spares

JAG Spares



We want to make replacing lost or damaged parts as easy a possible.

Even the most organised of us have miss-placed allen keys, dropped bolts into the drink and lost threads 'somewhere in the van' 

The spares list includes a range of small parts that we are frequently asked for that can now be replaced in just a click: 


Black 2plus1 Cente (Alarm head & cap) £9.99

Stainless 2plus1 Cente (Alarm head & cap) £9.99

2plus1 Centre (2 Rod Blank) £4.99

2Plus1 Centre Bolt £1.80

Lockdown Bolt £1.99

Lockdown Allen Key £0.99

Lever Allen Key £0.99

Packaway Stabilzer Pin £3.99 

Packaway Stabilizer Thumbscrew £1.80 

Stainless Alarm Aligner Caps £3.49

Black Alarm Aligner Caps £2.99

Micro Pod End Tumbscrew £6.99

Stainless Carabiner £2.75 

Stage Bite Spares Kit £2.99

Safeliner O-ring - £1.99

Safeliner Chain Black & Stainless - £3.99 

MK1 Safeliner Spares (1m cord and 3 clips) £1.49

MK1 Safeliner Weight £1.49

Micro Pod Stage Screws & Washers x4 - £8.99