Zigging Tips You'd Be Silly to ignore!

Despite his very best efforts to keep ‘under the radar’ it’s become fairly well known that JAG’s Jim loves an Adjustable Zig and more importantly, he knows how to use them!

We had only asked him for a few pointers on Hook Bait choice but once he started, well, we just couldn’t stop him! So here you go, three Zig Fishing Tips that you would be bonkers to ignore, these WILL catch you more carp!

Hook Baits!

"There are loads of brillaint Hook Bait choices when it comes to Zig Fishing, from high attract pop ups to unflavoured black foam! All have a time and place but in this instance, with days only fishing and the cold weather we have been having, I have been using an 11mm ‘Special’. Not only are these things packed with attrractors they are ultra bouyant, this is extremely helpful when it comes to avoiding tangles. I know the hookbait will never come into contact with the Zig Float when I am moving the zig up and down through the layers. The bright colours and extra buoyancy also make it nice and easy to spot on the surface for that extra peace of mind that they went out lovely before setting my depths."

Location & Depths!

Jim to add some notes?

Generic Location snap & second fish?

Avoid Tangles

"This is the ‘tricky’ bit when it comes to using Zigs but with a little practice all of these small checks will make a huge difference!

I start by cutting the foam nugget in half and pushing the hook though the foam (before sticking it to the float!) Secondly, run your fingers down the length of hooklink taking out any twist, only then lick and stick it to the float. I also turn the hook in the foam so that the shank sticks out 90° from the float, this helps separate the loop of the hooklink!

I have a small towel on standby to dry the lead between each cast, a wet lead is much more likely to have the fine zig line stick to it! One last thing, when you’ve got the rod behind you ready to cast, have one quick check the hooklink is in a nice un-twisted loop. Get to this point and you will get very few tangles. Following these steps I have been able to use 5&6ft hooklinks with very few issues. The Korda float is more than buoyant enough but still remains inconspicuous, very important for those big, wary carp!"

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