316 Stainless - Everything You Need to Know!

Do you know where your Bankware is made or what it is made from ?

Stainless Steel comes in many grades, 303 & 304 are by far the most commonly used as it’s cheaper and known for its easy machining. The trouble is, these grades can still rust! ‘316’ or ‘Marine Grade’ Stainless has a far superior corrosion resistance, this making it the perfect choice for use around water and in extreme weather conditions. Despite being a more expensive raw material and being a lot harder to CNC machine, we have an entire range made from the stuff! Designed, developed, machined & assembled here in the UK.

MK2 Safe Liners - £25.49

Hockey Stick - £10.99

One of the safest line clips on the market features a customisable rubber insert. This unique grip offers unrivalled bite indication without causing any damage to your mainline. Each Safeliner comes supplied with two interchangeable weights & features an industry standard 2BA thread. If you'd prefer to fish these 'drop off' style, the chain can be cut to length and easily reattached using the precision machined hex head key. There is also a laser engraved Hockey Stick in the 316 range with a female 2BA Thread.

Adjustable Buzz Bars - £55.99-£69.99

Recently updated, we have 4 new buzz bars in the 316 Range (3 Rod & 2 Rod, Front & Rear) Each main body has been machined from solid bar, no pressing or gluing parts together to make an all round more reliable buzz bar! Each bar can be fished 'T Bar' or 'Goal Post' style thanks to the 3/8bfs thread on the underside of each end.

Each Adjustable Buzz Bar features: Machined increments on the extendable arms - Adjustable caps to secure alarms into place - Customisable, No Loss Locking Levers - Precision Laser engraving.

Standard Bank Sticks - £25.99-£35.99

Packaway Bankstick Stabilizer - £24.49

Available in 5 different lengths, our 316 bank sticks are a thing of beauty. Despite being made from some of the toughest stainless around these are remarkably lightweight! Each Stick features a diamond style point , Our 'No Loss' Locking Lever & an updated head for ease of grip.

To complement these sticks we have a Pack Away Stabilizer to ensure these bank sticks stay put when fished locked up or in softer banks. The pin can be removed and neatly stored within the stabilizer body.

2Plus1 Buzz Bars - £74.99-£80.99

Our Flagship Buzz Bar is without a doubt the 2PLUS1. These innovative bars have been developed to make going from a three rod to a two rod set up an absolute breeze. The centre thread can be lifted out (Alarms, Snag Ears, the lot!) and fished on a separate stick. This is then neatly replaced with the laser engraved 2 rod middle so that each bar looks just as good when fished as a 2 rod! Of course each 2Plus1 features all of our latest touches, machined etches on each arm, adjustable caps, no loss locking levers & 3/8 BSF threads so that they can easily be converted to a 'Goal Post' set up. All three sizes (Rear, Front & XL Front) can be paired up to suit personal preference.

Xcavators - £39.99-£69.99

Palm Saver - £8.99

Packaway Stabilizer - £26.99

Three of the four sizes of our ground breaking Xcavators have undergone an update, we have kept the famous hard ground auger & added our easy to use locking lever. We have also added two dedicated accessories for the hard ground specialists; the Xcavator Palm saver & a Pack Away Stabilizer!

Lock Down Rear Rests - £15.99-£16.99

The diameter of your rod handle doesn’t matter, we have a size to fit! Select either Large or Small 

and then choose from the 6 different sized inserts available for that perfect grip. Each Lockdown has an easy alignment system, no messing with washers or 'O' rings, simply use the Allen key supplied to tighten the Lockdown to your Buzz Bar or Bankstick for first-time perfect alignment and superb tightness.

Rod Lockers - £18.99

One of 2020's best sellers, our Rod Locker discretely sits beneath any industry standard rear rest. Once the adjustable cord has been set to your preference, these can be set & triggered in a matter of seconds!

Adjustable Snag Ears - £14.99-£32.99

Not only can you adjust the height of the Snag Ears, they can also move left to right on the baseplate. Each set includes one baseplate (Small or large), one ear, one carriage & a locking key. If you'd prefer a pair of ears on each alarm, we sell additional ears separately that can be added on the any of the baseplates. Like our safe liner these can be customised with any one of our isotopes. You can also replace the black rubber cap with any from our range of colour accessories.

Stage Bites - £30.99-£43.99

The classic JAG StageBites have always been bursting with innovation, we have just made them that little bit better. They now incorporate our new no-loss locking lever that doubles the clamping force of our old system. We have also introduced a third size, the MicroBite. Don't worry, we have kept the brilliant teeth on the base that bite into the wood when tightened into place. These are now sold separately so you can mix and match between the three sizes, we'd recommend that you include a rear driver in your pairing as this allows for plenty of space between your reels & the floor and it is the only Stage Bite that can double up as a handy screw driver.

Fixed Buzz Bars: £22.99-£29.99

Don't be fooled by the price of these Bars, they are as reliable and hardwearing as any out there. Available in a range of sizes across the 2 & 3 Rod range, our fixed bars are not to be overlooked.

High Tipper MK2 - £25.99

Another product that has seen an update recently is the High Tipper, these now feature an easy to use lever in place of the old Allen Key & Bolt. Secondly is the addition of our adjustable cap, with just a few turns the High Tipper can be perfectly aligned on the buzz bar or bite alarm it is supporting.

Thread protector - £3.49

If you do want to fish your Buzz Bars 'Goal Post' style this neat little accessory will wind onto the centre thread keeping it safe & our of site.

The Lock It Tool - £18.99

- Although the Lock It Tool is not made from 316 Stainless, it is a brilliant addition to anyones stainless collection. The unique design means that it securely grips on to all of the updated range, pinching tight bank-sticks, alarm caps & much more!

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