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Jason Hayward's ‘Specials' are a top quality range of hookbaits with a unique blend of highly stimulatory attractors that are applied in an extremely time consuming and labour intensive manner; enabling the attractors to work to their very peak of effectiveness.

The 'Specials' have a highly attractive and extremely soluble coating that has been applied post production. This coating will gradually leach out of the hook baits over time, slowly returning the hookbaits to their original colours.

The hookbaits are extremely resistant to taking on background smells from silt and weed remaining highly attractive for a very long time.

The Specials have been produced previously on a very small scale and in that time have gained a ‘cult' following.  

JAG Products are proud to be distributing these and the accompanying Liquid Booster on a larger scale. 


Ultra Buoyant 15mm

Ultra Buoyant 11mm

Wafter             15mm 
All available in: Yellow, White, Orange & Washed Out Pink

RRP: £9.99 

Liquid Booster 

RRP: £14.99