How do I change the elastic & pouches? 

This could not be any simpler (or faster) just follow the easy guide, you will soon get the hang of this and be changing over pouches in no time - There is a link to this guide at the bottom of this page or on the One-Pult Home Page 

How can I help my Latex Elastic last even longer ? 

Although you can leave your One-Pult assembled when not in use, for longer lasting elastic we recommend removing the latex and storing this in a dry place away from bait. When in use, wetting the pouch will ensure supper free running of the elastic through each of the pouches eyelets! 

When & Where can I buy a One-Pult? 

These are now available to all JAG Stockists! 

I'm not sure what elastic & pouch I will need?

The medium elastic and medium pouch that comes supplied with each One-Pult is a good 'all rounder' but you will eventually want to get the elastic & pouch combo thats is perfect for each baiting situation. If you are unsure, we have made some recommendations that can be seen using the link at the bottom of this page!

Can I use One-Pult elastics & pouches with my other catapult? 

You sure can! We have included the Internal Diameter & Wall thickness of each elastic on the packaging and in the full product description here on our website. Although, you won't be able to change elastics & pouches as quickly as you can with the One-Pult. 

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