If you have purchased a spare pouch, you will find these have been neatly packed 'inside out' ready to be popped into shape. Take hold of the two outer eyelets and push the centre through the pouch. You will see the pouch take shape, ready for action. 

  1. Grab your One-Pult! When elastics & pouches are stored separately, the frame will fit neatly into all kinds of back packs & carryalls! 

  2. Choose from four different elastics & three different pouches for the perfect combination. If you have new Pouches you will need to turn them the correct way round for them to take shape. (Step by step below)

  3. Pass the elastic through all three eyelets on your chosen pouch. 

  4. From back to front, pass the elastic through the top section of the roller wheel 

  5. Pull the tag end through 3 or 4 inches and pass back through beneath the roller wheel 

  6. For the last time pass the tag end through the tear drop hole and secure into place by moistening the elastic and gently lifting into the grip. 

  7. Get baiting! Just repeat the process whenever you need to replace or change your Pouch & Elastic