Just four of the MANY combinations available with One-Pult

Super Accurate - Single Boilies

(Green & Small)  

If you're fishing up to a snag or have presented a rig on a small feature beneath the surface, you're going to want to be extremely precise with your baiting! Our Super Light Elastic  & Small Pouch are unrivalled when it comes to sharp shooting with single baits! 

** Top Tip** 

If you don't have a marker float with you, just add some PVA Foam to your rig & be ready with the One-Pult for when that tiny white marker float pops up! 

Floater Fishing! 

(Blue & Medium)  

You will be blown away just how far (and well grouped) you can get Floaters & Mixers while using our Heavy Elastic & Medium Pouch. 

** Top Tip** 

Before your session, briefly soak (or glug) your floaters , the added weight will help with increased range and accuracy 

Big Bait Up - Multiple Boilie 

(Orange & Large)  

For a big baiting campaign, this combination is not to be overlooked. The Super Heavy elastic makes light work of a heavy pouch, full of boilies! At medium range you will absolutely fly through your pre-bait, as with all of the other combinations the grouping is phenomenal and will have your spot baited in no time. 

** Top Tip ** 

Using the roller wheel & through pouch system you can continuously adjust & tweak the length of elastics to help with accuracy and range!

Pellet & Particle 

(Black & Medium)  

This combination is supplied with each and every One-Pult! ​The medium elastic & pouch are also sold as spares. Being such a good 'all rounder' these are a must have in the spares box!  

How to look after your One-Pult and make your 100% Latex last even longer! 

Although you can leave your One-Pult assembled when not in use, for longer lasting elastic we recommend removing the latex and storing this in a dry place away from bait. When in use, wetting the pouch will ensure supper free running of the elastic through each of the eyelets!