It's All About Balance 

With four latex elastics & three different pouches to choose from there's a perfect combination for almost every baiting situation. We have made some suggestions below but as a general rule, you should select a strength of latex that is well balanced with the weight of the payload. For example our Super Heavy Elastic performs brilliantly when baiting with large pouches full of bait but can become unbalanced when paired with our smallest pouch. Similarly our lightest elastic can achieve some impressive distances when firing singles but would become unbalanced when paired with a large or weighty pouch of bait.

large pouch orange.jpg

Super Accurate - Single Boilies

(Green & Small)  

If you're fishing up to a snag or have presented a rig on a small feature beneath the surface, you're going to want to be extremely precise with your baiting! Our Super Light Elastic  & Small Pouch are unrivalled when it comes to sharp shooting with single baits! 

** Top Tip** 

If you don't have a marker float with you, just add some PVA Foam to your rig & be ready with the One-Pult for when that tiny white marker float pops up! 

Floater Fishing! 

(Blue & Medium)  

You will be blown away just how far (and well grouped) you can get Floaters & Mixers while using our Heavy Elastic & Medium Pouch. 

** Top Tip** 

Before your session, briefly soak (or glug) your floaters , the added weight will help with increased range and accuracy 


Big Bait Up - Multiple Boilie 

(Orange & Large)  

For a big baiting campaign, this combination is not to be overlooked. The Super Heavy elastic makes light work of a heavy pouch, full of boilies! At medium range you will absolutely fly through your pre-bait, as with all of the other combinations the grouping is phenomenal and will have your spot baited in no time. 

** Top Tip ** 

The Orange Elastic has been added to the range to offer a little extra grunt when baiting up with large & heavy pouches of bait. This latex should be avoided when using small or light pouches of bait

Pellet & Particle 

(Black & Medium)  

This combination is supplied with each and every One-Pult! ​The medium elastic & pouch are also sold as spares. Being such a good 'all rounder' these are a must have in the spares box!  


How to look after your One-Pult and make your 100% Latex last even longer! 

Although you can leave your One-Pult assembled when not in use, for longer lasting elastic we recommend removing the latex and storing this in a dry place away from bait. When in use, wetting the pouch will ensure supper free running of the elastic through each of the eyelets!